Friday, 2 June 2017

June 2017 Posts

The School From St Josephs Convent

View of School From YMCA Corner

View From the Assembly Hall

Another month . One Blogger, 2 comments. Can we buck the trend.

 Junes here, publishing our blog with new contemporary themes-lets spend more time on the blog.The Monsoon clouds are around, Kerala has started getting rains in abundance,  Bangalore has been treated to some unprecedented showers and development woes...Coonoor is not far behind but the dams are still to fill up.. ...Do we have more bloggers coming in or only the faithful five keeping the blog rolling?

We, Stanes Coonoor Alumni have created a google group, ; those of you wishing to join this group may send a mail on giving your name, year of entry into Stanes, year of leaving, class upto which studied and email id,we shall add you to the group.

PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS FOR June 2017 HERE. Pictures are available for viewing at , Catch up with stories and memoirs on , that site is waiting for your attention too!! Bring out the poet in you at

A group mail id exists, Do subscribe and be a part of it;

The updated web site of our school is available at
For those wanting to remit contributions to the school Alumni Fund, here are some details
 Send in contributions to the Alumni Corpus as under
By Cheque to:
 President/Treasurer, Stanes Alumni Association,
Stanes Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School,COONOOR 643 101 Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
On line transfer:
Stanes Alumni Association, Coonoor A/c No.10490100005508
Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda, Coonoor Branch.
MICR Code: 643012002 

Our new alumni website in beta version is available on  please do visit the page and give us your suggestions on improving it.

For Bangalore Stanites we have started a new whatsapp group, those alumni in Bangalore please use this link and join the group. On joining please introduce yourself and ensure you give details of years at Stanes, what you are doing now. In case of joining and not being authenticated, you would be removed from the group.

May 2018 Posts

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